TSUNAMI of 5 December 1997

A major earthquake with a magnitude of 7.7 occurred at 1127 UTC 5 DEC 1997
and was located approximately 100 miles SW of Bering Is.(55N 163E).

The earthquake produced a small tsunami that was observed at the following

NOTE: The following forecasts are experimental and are not to be used
operationally. Just selected sites are listed.

Location           Maximum Observed Height  Forecasted Height
                       (peak-to-trough)         (peak-to-trough)

Adak, Alaska 15 cm (15s samp rate) Unalaska, Alaska 15 cm (15s samp rate) Midway I. 12 cm (1min samp rate) Hilo, HI 47 cm (1min samp rate) Kahului, HI 60 cm (1min samp rate) Honolulu, HI 5 cm (6min samp rate) Snug Harbor, HI 10 cm (6min samp rate) Hanalei, HI 30 cm (from PTWC) Haleiwa, HI 52 cm (from PTWC) La Jolla, CA no tsunami 4 cm Pt. San Luis, CA no data from gage 8 cm Arena Cove, CA ** 12 cm Crescent City, CA ** 16 cm Port Orford, OR ** 8 cm Newport, OR ?? 6 cm Neah Bay, WA no tsunami 4 cm Tofino, BC no data from gage 4 cm Sitka, AK no tsunami 6 cm ** = high background noise level of 15 to 20cm

The following are links to tide data for the following places.
NOTE:The time on the graphics is in Julian Days and the height is in centimeters.
The time the data is in Julian Seconds The time the data is in Julian Seconds
On the Adak and Unalaska graphic real data is red, predicted purple, and
data with tide filtered out is blue.
On the other graphics, six minute data is red and one minute is blue.

[1. Adak, Alaska ] [2. Unalaska, Alaska] [3. Hilo, Hawaii] [4. Kahului, Hawaii] [5. Snug Harbor, Hawaii] [6. Midway Island]

Tide data collected at National Tsunami Warning Center from gauges maintained by
WC&ATWC, National Ocean Survey, PTWC, and University of Hawaii.

[Tide Data Download page] Note: The time in the data is in Julian Seconds*100 for Adak and Unalaska 15 second data.
Data is in Julian day plus (fraction/(24*60)) for the one and six minute data.

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