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Tsunami of 02 August 2007

An earthquake with a moment magnitude of 6.7 occurred at 0322 UTC 02 August 2007 (day 214).° The earthquake was located 148 miles/239 km WSW of Adak, Alaska - 51.3°N, 180.0°W, 13 miles/21 km depth – (earthquake information from USGS).

The earthquake produced a very small tsunami that was recorded on the tide gage at Amchitka, Alaska operated by the National Tsunami Warning Center and the USGS Alaska Volcano Observatory. Click on the site name to see a graph of the tsunami. Listed wave heights are maximum amplitude in cm (above sea level). Observed Arrival time is the actual tsunami arrival time in UTC. The Computed Arrival time is the estimated time of arrival computed at the National Tsunami Warning Center (NTWC) based on the origin time and location. The Sample Interval column shows the time between samples.



Tide gage

Peak amplitude (above sea level in cm)

Observed Initial Arrival time (UTC)

Computed Initial Arrival time (UTC)

Initial motion

Sample Interval (seconds)

Data File (Julian Day Starts at  0000 UTC)








Amchitka, Alaska







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